It's been a year since Studio 338 closed its doors after being badly damaged by fire. Now, after a serious renovation, the East London venue has announced its reopening.


The Greenwich venue will celebrate with a weekend of parties on October 27, 28 and 29. The newly renovated building promises sleek new architecture, fresh lighting and a brand new sound system.


Studio 338 will retain its Balearic feel. The new space has been built almost entirely of airport-grade glass and steel columns. There will also be a LED light installation called ‘The Octopus’ which, unsurprisingly, features video screen tentacles. The space has also been fitted with a custom built VOID acoustics system and a rubberised dance floor. The Studio has also been kitted out with a new VOID rig and will features the venue’s trademark greenery.



Studio 338 will announce details of its opening parties on September 8.



Read the full statement by Music & Events Director, Dan Perrin below.





Source: mixmag,net