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    Monday 20:00 - 22:00


When did you begin DJ'ing and what made you start?

My dad in the 60’s used to be in a Reggae sound called King Tubby. There was always music and equipment around from a young age and so it was natural to have a love for it. I started DJing in about 1987/88 and remember saving up for my first Technics Turntable 1200.



What would you say influenced you towards house music?

I have loved House music since I heard Paul Trouble Anderson rock a nightclub called Dingwalls in Camden way back in 1986.

I used to play UK Garage whilst at University in Southampton (1996). Back then under the Ziance promotional group playing at a club called Rhinos we rubbed shoulders with Artful dodger, Craig David, The wide Boyz etc…it was an exciting time. I love music that inspires and promotes happy energy, for me it was a natural progression into House music as I was collecting both genres at the time.



Of the many genres of House, which are your favourite?

Soulful and bumpin!! I am not into any music that is too repetitive with no direction or meaning. Music for me has to evolve whilst you listen to it. Its got to take you some where!!



Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past?

There too many really. I have much respect for musicians from the late 70’s and eighties, those guys made music to make money to eat!!!


Name some highlights or a profound moment in your time as a DJ

Playing an early UK garage set at a Southampton University student Freshers ball in 1997 and watching the crowd (about 2000 people) look at me as if too say ‘what the hell is this music’.



Have you done any production?




Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?

I am very interested in the mechanics behind music management, broadcast etc its an exciting time for music because how we consume music changes almost daily. I hope that House FM.Net  will continue to be at the front of nurturing talent and promoting positive vibes in our scene.