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From the British hills of Hertfordshire Paris Cesvette is a multi instrumentalist, Music Producer, DJ and Radio Host.

At the young age of 5 Paris was studying to read and write music which led to the Saxophone, Keys and Guitar being her weapons of choice.

Having experienced touring from the age of 15 and being classically trained in the art of orchestration and scoring, Paris was determined to do music full time and played for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra , The Queens Military Minden Big Band and many more.In the process of finishing her high school education Paris was starting to work as a session musician and the assigned MC to two DJs on a pirate radio station in Hertfordshire (Perception FM).

This time in her life taught Paris the true attitude, teamwork, loyalty and confidence that was needed in DJ culture and radio. It was a chance opportunity as she finished school that led her to her first major industry experience.After finishing school she got her first real job at a record label and music agency called MN2S.

MN2S was in the thick of DJ culture and especially House Music, witnessing what went on behind the scenes of  artists like Dennis Ferrer, Frankie Knuckles, Master at Work was a dream job that she absorbed, along with her previous DJ experience this time was paramount to who she is today.

Below the offices was the hit factory which was previously owned by Stock Aitken Waterman and artists were rolling in and out of the basement each day.An opportunity came when


UK production duo Danism had NYC vocalist Kathy Brown in the studio, they had been working all day and became limited of time to finish a song.


They needed input from elsewhere, this is when Sharron Elkabas (MN2S director) offered Paris the chance to see what she could do. Paris had 30 minuets to come up with verses for the chorus they had layed down.Danism Ft Kathy Brown - You Light Up My Life was her first House music release which then pushed Paris into the house music production world, Receiving guidance from the friends she had met through MN2S (Timmy Vegas, Andy Ward,(Soul Central) Sy Sez, Gavin Peters, (Aphrodisiax) Bugz In The Attic , Sticky and Neil Pierce (Fanatix / Rhemi)) they are considered as some of Paris's biggest mentors.Paris's first single featured Al Greens saxophonist Dayve Stewart, it was called Go The Distance and was heavily supported by top South African DJ, Vinny Da Vinci. Vinny's support threw Paris to become a household name in South Africa featuring her and her mixes regularly on metro fm.


The support from the lovers of house inspired Paris and she threw herself into her craft even deeper, working out how she can strengthen her skill and sound even more.As a DJ she grew through the ranks from Underground Stations like Rinse FM, Radio Fluff to award winning stations like Bang Radio, and the voice of black history month on BBC 1Xtra.On top of all her musical experience being qualified in Graphic Design & Online Marketing helped her land a job working for Hed Kandi / Ministry Of Sound.

Being at this legendary brand she learned so much more about what goes on behind the scenes of remixing and releasing, inspiring Paris to get into remixing and bootlegging even more.


During this time she found in her an ability to fuse all her experience and musical knowledge into her own style of heavily orchestrated House music and closing off her time at MOS to go on a 6 city headline tour throughout South Africa and continuing her to DJ at Jazz Festivals in Spain, Casinos in Switzerland, Ancient Castles in Germany and back home in the UK.

Working for not only gave Paris the chance to interview some of her biggest idols but made Paris the voice of House music within the Contemporary Jazz community showing the millions of monthly listeners around the world how to fuse Jazz and House music.

This not only led to some of her biggest productions but working for a string of labels through out the industry.

Her talent was being heard and pushed her to produce in multiple genres and has now released work for Island Universal, Expansion Records, Soul Heaven Records, Reel People Music and many independent labels. In each production Paris would not ignore the want to push her house touch in every delivery and through this has led to her working with Little Jimmy Scott , Akon, Mohombi, Omar Lyefook, Junior Giscombe, Lee John, Noel McKoy (British Collective), Prague Symphony Orchestra , Brandon Williams, TL Cross, Oscar Castro Nerves and Remixing for Ralf Kemper, C Robert Walker, Nica Brooke, Paul Brown , Kim Waters , Najee, Brian Simpson, Acoustic Alchemy just to name a few.

After spending some time out to master her craft even further, Paris has joined forces with legendary NYC Mixmaster Luis Rivera (C&C Music Factory) as they plan multiple releases together, 2016 sees the ultimate return of Paris Cesvette! Having upcoming releases with Terry Hunter, Tortured Soul and a new weekly show on, whether you are looking for a bespoke production, Remix or live DJ set this is certainly you lady.Visit for contact & booking information.