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  • Show Times: The Cafe432 Show

    Sunday 22.00 - 00.00

Jonsey is an accomplished DJ, remixer, music producer and a Platinum and Double Platinum Awarded Mix Engineer with a UK No 1. His passion, love and drive in the house seen is evident by his his long term commitment and participation. As a real Pirate radio DJ, Jonsey (known as Mr Jones) started his DJ career on Freek FM in 1993 playing from high rise flats in London the B Side stateside dubs.


In 1995 he started the legendary numb nums club night which helped break many house hold named DJs today. In 1996 he moved to London Underground Radio where he continued playing US Deep House and the music from UK producers from the fledgling UK House & Garage scene. The London scene continued to grow and by 1997 Jonsey set up Klub Knowledge, the magazine, flyer pack and Club Guide on Channel 5 text page 345, this national guide helped drive the sound of London throughout the UK as the country was gripped with the new UK Garage frenzy.


The scene started changing direction and by 1999 Jonsey was signed to Sony’s INCredible label as Defunk with a House track called “Pleasure Love” the with remixes then flowed from Ministry, Manifesto Records to name but a few. Jonsey continued to hone his production skills and eventually joined House FM where he continued with his regular Saturday day time show.


In 2002 Soundstate Recordings was born and his love for studio equipment and production paid off as Soundstate studios grew and developed. In 2009, Jonsey was on Mix engineer duties for Labrinth’s production of Tinie Tempahs “Pass Out”, the platinum selling track propelled Jonsey’s mix engineering career and he has since mixed tracks from the who’s who of the urban dance scene for all know major labels.


In 2014, the undying passion and love of house music is evident in the constant flow of Café 432 productions which has bought him recognition as a consistent producer with a string of quality productions.


Today Jonsey returns to House FM for his regular Sunday night Cafe 432 show.