Brutha Basil

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    Every Monday 16.00 - 18.00

Half a century ago Basil began his career as a DJ at 13 years old in 1973. In the 80’s Basil started working at the Paradise Garage in New York City hope to meet the man he’d often emulate and aspired to become comparable to DJ Lawrence Philpot Levan.

Late 80’s DJ Basil established his name in New York City becoming a weekly resident at the celebrity filled nightclub Nell’s in Manhattan. And landing a residency at The Choice in New York Lower East Side formerly The Loft owned by late great DJ David Mancuso, alternating with the DJ he grew to admire DJ Larry Levan, sharing duties on occasions with some of todays most revered names which include DJ Francois Kervorkian, Joe Clausell, Danny Krivit. And in venues like the Shelter, Sound Factory, Body and Soul parties and various Wild Pitch as well popular trending locations.

Taking initiative in starting recording under the infamous name of “Basil Hardhaus” on the classic house music label Nu Groove in the late 80’s, 90’s, his material have been anointed dance classics. Being re-release in 2018 by Defected Records London. Basil continued recording through the 90’s for the legendary Kingstreet sounds label.

Returning to prominence with “Are You House” with legendary Chicago DJ Ron Trent on Rush Hour records. Then in 2016 now using the name of “Brutha Basil” along with Grammy winner DJ Louie Vega, recorded their anthem smash hit “Freedom of Dance (It’s the Beat)” on Groove Odyssey records, the theme of last years 51st State’s Festival and the entire year remain a top of multiple charts. Being charted by over 70 DJ’s Internationally finishing 2016’s two (2) Top 200 Charts (Tracks, Soulful House #11)

2017 creating the classic “City Streets 25” on Quantize Recordings with International sensation DJ Spen and DJ Mark Francis. Charting once again in the Traxsource Top 200 Soulful House charts for the year of 2017

Brutha Basil in addition was recognized on Traxsource top “Artist for the Year of 2017”. Currently being featured on the Groove Odyssey #1 album “Celestial” by DJ/Producer Paris Cesvette, entitled simply entitled “Bruthas”

Finishing highly anticipated tracks with DJ Mark Francis and other top DJs/Producers/Artists 2018 will be a more recognizable and productive year then the prior(s).