Sarah Finesse

Additional Info

  • Show Times: Last Orders with Finesse Saturday 22:00 - 23:59

When did you start dj’ing? And what made you start?


I’ve always loved music, and I started playing and mixing on the decks from around the age of 12. I learned my craft properly by the age of around 17. I was always listening to pirate stations, and I loved underground music. My mam had a great selection of music as well as many dj friends and of course this had a positive influence on me.  



What would you say influenced you towards house music?


I was always listening to underground stations and clubbing from a young age. My friends and brother dj’d and were always playing house music. My favourite house music has to be deep rolling underground house music with a groovy vocal twist.



Producers that stand out from now and the past  


Kruse Nuernberg, James Dexter, Chris Runben Naes, Jason Hodges, Manuel Tur, Golf Clap, Bryan jones, Demarkus Lewis, Jay Trip Wire, Night Shift, Control Recordings, Joey Youngman, Fetish Recordings, Nick Holder, Blaze, Midnight People OandG as well as Detour and many, many more.


Profound moments and highlights 

The first time when I dj'd in a warehouse, I only played for 30 minutes or so and it was such an exciting and nerve racking feeling; but when I come off the decks I was on such a high I said I want to do this all the time. I still remember the feeling, and its not one to forget! And I didn't even clang! Another highlight was when I did my first ever radio show. Another highlight was when I started playing at underground parties and in clubs.

I still play on the London Underground scene circuits. I’ve also played in America, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and the Netherlands.



I've never produced, but I’ve been in studios and watched many dj’s and producer friends of mine produce tunes, from drum and base, to,  hardcore, soulful house and underground deep music. If I did produce, I would start with underground rolling deep vocal house, with a Chicago flex to it!



Musical plans for the future

I like to keep it real and play out with the style I love to play and not play music for the sake to have dj  bookings, and hopefully start playing out more and keep playing the music I feel and  love the most  and  keep the  inspiration for it! And play till my fingers drop off lol or till I get arthritis!!