Tommy Bones ‘Love & War EP’ (STRICTLY RHYTHM)

It is really (and I mean really) good to see that a legendary label like Strictly Rhythm is finally back with the kind of releases that really stand for this long time established brand. Some guys (and the music industry is no exception there) tend to experiment and stretch sounds on an imprint, but the thing is – it has never worked and it was always a good move to stick to the centre of your brand value without missing a modern attitude. That's exactly what happens now at Strictly, a label that has a really rich history of underground house tracks which sometimes have developed into chart success as well.


Hot on the heels of his Traxsource No.1 'Black Concept' Tommy Bones, who knows everything about the label returns to Strictly Rhythm with the 'Love & War' EP, featuring 'Get Down' and 'Love & War', two original cuts that highlight once again that Tommy is a man with influences that span the many variants of house music. 'Get Down' contrasts the classic house sound with contemporary beats, while his 'Get Down' (Remix) adds more horns to give the track an early 90's feel. The retro future vibe continues with 'Love & War' which rolls on a heavier, darker and techier tip.

We really have to thank Tommy for bringing back those classic vibes, and even a M1 organ here or there does the trick sometimes ;)


10/10 (Mannix)