Art Department Kisses for Roses (inc. The Martinez Brothers and Soul Clap remixes) No.19 Music

Art Department's Natural Selection album is the gift that keeps on giving, with recent stunning remixes by DJ Tennis and Chaim of 'Walls' now followed by an excellent mix package of 'Kisses for Roses'. The remix duties for this latest offering come courtesy of US house stars The Martinez Brothers and Bostonian funk masters Soul Clap.




Of course, Art Department has entered a new chapter recently, as it is now the sole charge of No.19 Music label head Jonny White. With a brand new compilation on the way for fabric, though, there is no time for rest for White, who is still enjoying the praise heaped on the album by the likes of Mixmag, Rolling Stone and Clash.


First to step forward on this new 'Kisses for Roses' remix package are Objektivity aligned pair The Martinez Brothers, who also run their own Tuskegee Music label with Seth Troxler. Energetic and hugely talented in the booth and the studio, there are few hotter acts in the world right now. Their take on the Art Department original is a robust, kicking house track with tons of kinetic energy, barreling drums and spritely synths that squelch about at a high tempo. It's a big hitting, high impact version with a real sense of emotion coming from the pained vocals and is sure to soar this summer.


Little needs to be said of funk champions Soul Clap, who as well as running their own label, being part of Crew Love, releasing on Wolf & Lamb and collaborating with George Clinton are also revered DJs who have spun at every party worth its salt. Here they turn out two versions, the first is a loose limbed, soul infused and mid tempo house jam with muffled voices adding plenty of atmosphere to the track. Funky drums, crisp percussion and squelchy synths all make for a charmingly steamy yet sensitive rework and the spoken word vocals really finish it off in style. Their second version is a dub that is even deeper, more sensuous and seductive with its humid pads and gloopy, snaking synths.


These remixes are three more expertly curated ones from White and breath yet more essential life into the already excellent 'Kisses for Roses'.

The 'Kisses for Roses' Remix package will be available from 06-07-2015.



No public stream for the remixes yet but check out the original below.


Source: Knights of The Turntable