Seth Troxler - 'Tubby'

From Kerri Chandler curated compilation 'Kaoz Theory'




Kerri Chandler has always been one of electronic music's most vital figures, someone who can see beyond passing trends.

Highly regarded by just about everyone in the game, the producer is set to inaugurate new label Kaoz Theory with a special compilation featuring some absolute gems.


Kerri Chandler: "Early on in my career I used the nickname Kaoz 6:23. It was because that was what was going on around me - chaos. The chaos of the studio, the chaotic travel schedules, but more importantly the fact that every year around June 23rd something big would happen in my life. It was always crazy around that date. Using the name was my way of trying to bring some kind of order to the chaos."


Launched on June 22nd, 'Kaoz Theory' grabs exclusive cuts from the Martinez Brothers, Detroit Swindle, Matthias Tanzmann and more.


Clash is able to premiere Seth Troxler's contribution, 'Tubby'. A deep, grinding piece of dub-influenced tech-house, the hypnotic vocal samples ripple through the echo chamber as the driving percussion seems to wrap its way round the speaker.


Displaying a cerebral, inquisitive side to the often outlandish American producer, you can tune in below.