Every once in a blue moon there comes a release that is pure magic and has us elated with joy to share it with the world, "Battito Profondo (Deep Beat)" with Anané Vega feat. Danny Losito is just that, a beautiful, poetic, inspiring duet by two artists with a rich and diverse musical career spanning over 25 years combined.


A passionate song that speaks of life, love and happiness brings powerful emotions when the voices of Anané & Danny blend together creating a beautiful harmony of words with a message, the catchy hook they sing states... "se tu sei come me allora non sei piu solo (if you are like me you will never feel alone)" which are words that resonate with many of us today.


Surely to be a summer hit, accompanied by a beautiful video filmed in Pescara Italy, there’s a special remix by Louie Vega and another remix by Simone Barbaresi, we are beyond excited to give you "Battito Profondo" for your hot summer nights.