Check Out Todd Terry's Craig David Remix Right Now

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Craig David's comeback is one of the best things to happen in what's been a largely godawful year. Whoever thought that Southampton's favourite son would be embraced by the nation once again? It's truly spectacular. From the X-Factor Craig's been everywhere. Hopefully it'll last longer than seven days. Geddit!?


His collaboration with Big Narstie, "When the Bassline Drops" was a late contender for tune of the year — a gloriously shiny slice of UKG perfection that we've played time and time again. It's also got the undeniably best opening line of anything released in at least a decade. We didn't think it could get better until a little birdie told us that Todd Terry's turned in a remix of it. Yep, that Todd Terry, the Todd Terry who's one of the most important figures in the history of house music.


What else do you need to know? It's Todd Terry remixing Craig David. And it's banging. Grab a piece of it here!

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