Check out this short video that has surfaced of the pioneering label Dance Mania Records also known as Dance Mania and Dance Mania Inc.


Born out of Detroit in the mid 80's by one of the originators of house Jesse Saunders, this humble record store located at 3145 West Roosevelt Rd, Chicago soon became the hub for the entire underground scene that was coming out of the projects.



Saunders passed over Dance Mania to Raymond Barney after leaving Detroit in 1986 around the time the label started making some real noise amongst the underground heads. The label was releasing some of the most intense house vibes at the time from artists such as Dj Funk,Parris Mitchell, Paul Johnson and Traxmen to name but a few.


Probably the biggest commercial success of the label was 'House Nation' by Housemaster Boyz aka Farley Jackmaster Funk. Dance Mania released somewhere around 300 tracks and is still revered by dj's the world over as the label that real gave house its first voice.


'Dance Mania for life' Dj Sneak states simple but passionately on his facebook page today after hearing of this video. Go check it out and learn the history.