Lily Rivers

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    Wednesday 12:00-14:00

An enticing new personality within the house music scene, Lily is an enchanting spirit bursting with positive energy and good vibes to enhance any event.


Being a proficient DJ, Lily knows what is needed in order to deliver the right performance relevant to her bookings. Whether it be a warm up, prime time, extended or closing set, Lily respects the importance of each role and the importance of how they complement each other to form an incomparable journey.


Instantly breaking into the top 10 Mixcloud charts with her immersive online sets, Lily immediately gained recognition from influential icons in the music industry.


Regularly invited to DJ at UK Festivals and Fashion Events and Rinse FM, Lily relishes these opportunities as it enables her to display her capabilities of knowing exactly what style is needed wherever she is invited to play.


Paving her own path while staying authentic to herself, there is allot in the pipeline for 2017 including a hectic London residency schedule, with European gigs including Ibiza & Morocco, her own weekly radio show on House FM and so much more, this really is an exciting time in which Lily Rivers intends to sprinkle her magic across every dancefloor she is blessed enough to be put in front of.








Q & A with Lily Rivers



When did you begin DJ'ing what made you start?

I started when I was 17, I'd watch my brother and his friends on their 1210's and would practice when he'd let me.


What would you say influenced you towards House music? 

Well,  growing up my parents were always playing disco, so it was a natural progression. But definitely watching my brother DJ House music in the late 1990's was my main influence. I remember the first time he played a Sasha record to me that was it, I was converted.


Of the many genres of House which are your favourite? 

Deep vocal house and tech house. 100%.


Have you done any production? If not is it something you aim to do? 

I've got so many ideas!  I'm actually making a track but it takes a while to get your head around the software.


Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?

Music is life! To create more work on a regular basis, its also my dream to play abroad.