Pete O'Callaghan

Additional Info

  • Show Times: Signature Sessions Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00

When did you begin DJ'ing and what made you start?

I bought a pair of 1210's in 2000 and started teaching myself to mix. I loved going for a rave and always thought it would be great to do it and translate a love of music into other peoples enjoyment.



What would you say influenced you towards House music?

I love the hypnotic vibe that you get with a four/four beat.




Of the many genres of House, which are your favourite?


For my radio show I prefer a deeper sound which takes in deep house right through to techno and minimal. If it's got the groove then I like it.



Which artists, producers and tracks stand out for you, both now and from the past?


There's too many to say but off the top of my head things like the bells by Jeff Mills and higher state of consciousness by Josh Wink really stand out. But I originally started out listening to trance and Paul Oakenfold at Creamfields was my first rave in 1999. That definitely had a massive influence on me, I still love his cream resident mix. I then go into techno and from there into a deeper sound as I've grown up. Now labels like poker flat, dynamic and dis like Nick Curly, Steve Bug, Josh Wink and Solomun inspire me.



Name some highlights or a profound moment in your time as a DJ


The bottom room at egg and halloween at cargo are two of the stand out moments for me as a dj. When it's all going off and you're supplying the vibe, there's nothing better.



Have you done any production? If not, is it something you aim to do?


I've been putting my mind to this and have been having a play around, hopefully I'll be able to bring something in the future.



Going on from that, what are your musical plans for the future?


Bringing the signature sessions sound back to house FM. Getting some more studio time and just enjoying it all!